Culture of Perú

Culture is People. Because culture is all the ways of manifestations of a given human group. These manifestations define what that group share and what is acceptable for all the members of that group. Music, Literature, gastronomy, architecture, religion and also the people behaviour.

It all started with the Amerindians. The people who lived in the americas before the arrival of the europeans. the Culture of the Amerindians was based on theirs needs to survive: hunting, gathering and some ahead of their times do agriculture and aquaculture. Even now a day some groups keep these social organization, religión and others manifestations. So the resulting mixture between the amerindians culture and the europeans is the base of what is now the Peruvian Culture.

Marinera, typical dance from the north of Peru

Then Let’s talk about one of the main manifestations of the culture of Peru: It’s People.

The mountains of Peru still has a big amerindian population, and they are the most representative group in the country.  These communities are mainly located in the highlands of the Andes. There are around, 1700 differents communities in those highlands. Actually, Quechua and Aymara are used more than spanish. Also we can find Amazonian tribes and they are really deverses, there are up to 60 ethnic groups with differents languages. Sadly most of then has changed their ways of living due to mining activities of the zone.

Then we got the Coasts. This is the biggest mixture we can find in perú and usually they are called Mestizos: Amerindian and European or African descents. And after the Amerindians they are the second biggest group in the country. Mostly located in urban areas like Lima,8 millions

Other Ethnic Groups

Afro Peruvian People

Other smaller ethnic groups include Peruvians of European, African, or Asian descent. And also Mullatos,african and european descendants  and Zambos who are of African and Amerindian ancestry. Being the asians who have made the most significant inroads into business and politics. This Asians are mainly descendants of chinese, Japanese and Koreans. The peruvians

The poorest places in Peru are often the areas with the largest population of indigenous people. There is a great gap between rural/indigenous and urban/colonial societies. it is very difficult for poorer people of Amerindian or African ethnicity to advance.

Peru has a huge diversity and we are so happy to receive you and meet you here in a land where it doesn’t matter the race.

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