Manu a magnificent natural reserve.

Natural wealth is the life that gives life. From the vitality that gives many species to the lively and refined that maintains our senses. It is these natural areas that witness what our planet is capable of conceiving.

In Peru, we are so lucky to have such a great natural areas

Many times, the best we can do is take a moment to understand the great significance that our ecosystem represents for the development of every being and thus, be able to show and act with greater empathy towards the care we have with our environment.

The Manu National Park

In Peru, there is a reserve that is a beautiful piece of art. A divine convergence between flora, fauna and the most desirable climates that can exist in the South American continent. The Manu National Park or cloud forest– is a Biosphere Reserve and a protected natural area located partially in the departments of Madre de Dios and Cusco, in the provinces of Manu and Paucartambo.

Some researchers and enthusiasts believe that is the Paititi or “the lost city of the Incas”. Within this reserve, there are testimonies of ancient cultures such as the Petroglyphs of Pusharo, a set of engravings with no explanation of their origin and meaning. They were reported for the first time in 1921 and are located on the right bank of the river Shinkibenia; Other petroglyphs are in the Q’eros river, on the large “Xinkiori” rock. There is knowledge of an archaeological site in the Mameria area, at the headwaters of Piñi Piñi and Alto Tono.

Manu Biosphere Reserve

Since its creation as a National Park numerous expeditions has been made to discover new species. It is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. It’s possible to find all the environment variables in the Amazon and this makes it one of the most appreciated protected areas. In only one hectare, up to 250 species of trees have been found.  In the Manu Biosphere Reserve, 222 species of mammals and 1005 of birds registered. Makes it a fantastic place for bird watchers who spend at least 4 days in this area.

We do not need to be experts or adventurers to love, appreciate and understand this magnanimous creation of nature. Be content with the vitality that only nature can give you, appreciate it and protect it, is one of the best things we have.

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