Incas: Sky Masters

When We arrive to Cusco,and get out the plain you can see a normal small city. The only thing you would maybe perceive different is the faces of the people and of course their english with that latin accent some tv shows ─as Modern Family─ magnify

Later on the next natural place to go is Cusco’s Historical Downtown. There you can see more churches than people─we’re joking of course─but is clearly the result of the spanish attain to destroy a millennial culture.

So, In Cusco you can only see some ruins like: 12 angles rock, Swasayamana, and pices of wall scattered all around. But only three hours away from cusco you´ll find a great landmark of peruvian culture a whole set of incredible ruins that show us how well the Incas know the sky. And it was a matter of life and death.

In order to keep going a empire of about 12 millions people that fight for you, as a ruler, the first thing you have to do is feed them. So Farming was the way to do it at that time. But they realized very early that they need to understand when to farm considering rain and sun are coming and go  no regularly during the year.

So they really need to know the skies in order to saw and harvest correctly.

And very skilled Engineers and builders as they were; they decided to build structures that let them “size” the sky and know what to expect. We´ll tell you about two of these buildings.

Buildings to Observe

Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun

The first one The Temple of the Sun. Over various stone terraces this temple look just like a messy group of rocks scattering all over the place. But we are far away from truth. It was built to show people when the season has changed hence when to harvester or store their products. When the sun hits a particular stone, winter is coming. When it shines through the twin peaks of a neighboring mountain, it is the fall equinox, or harvesting time. When it hits the other side of the stone, it is the summer solstice—time to plant.


The other is Intimachay. Located at Machu Picchu, is a kind of cave with four window-like holes, each at every side of the cave. There for instance the sunlight enter the back wall of Intimachay through the Eastern Window ten days before and after the winter solstice.

Temple of the Sun

If you want to meet these buildings by yourself just go here is that easy.

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