The Dark side of Inca Religion

Inti the god sun

Inti was the old Inca god sun. Son of the mother earth Pachamama and father sky pachahiq. One of the many myth says, Inti sent his son and his daughter: Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo to earth  in order to establish a civilization and be the living representative of himself. So they built the great Inca city with all the gold Inti send them. And of course this city was: Cusco.

A polytheistic or multi-deity worship was the way the incas established their religion. Some deities, such as Pachamama and Viracocha, were known throughout the empire, while others were localised. But Inti was the great one, and it’s known that Pachacuti was the one who promote the cult of the Inti God Sun.

Inti the God Sun

The Inca Pantheon

The Incas before pachacuti had several deities and also everytime the incas conquered a new land they used to adopt the local deities. In fact, Pachamama, mother earth, was adored long before the Incas came along.Inside the Pantheon we find:

Viracocha: He was typically seen as the creator of humanity and everything else in the world.

Inti: was one of the most important deity to the Incas; known as the sun god.

Illapa (Inti-Illapa): This name means thunder and controls weather,lightning and rain.

Mamaquilla (Kilyamama): meaning Mother Moon and is in control of calendars.

Pachamama: known as Earth Mother is seem as a protector of their harvest and a god of fertility to help their crops grow.

Huacas: the Huacas were anything the Incas believed with a supernatural power, including people, places, and objects. The power was related with the size of the Huaca. A mountain was in fact one of the most powerful huacas. The Incas worshiped and cared for them similar to the other deities.

But the Gods sometimes got angry

The Maiden.  Credit: copyright Johan Reinhard

And they were honored. In many ways they did it: prayers, fasting, animal sacrifice but also human sacrifices where mainly children were the chosen one.

And there’s a famous case known as the Children of Llullaillaco that brought to light the way this sacrifices were made.

The maiden was a inca child chosen to be given to the gods. They looked all over the empire for a beautiful strong child who please the gods. And The maiden was the one. They took her to the capital city Cusco around 12 to 6 months before the ceremony and changed her life. They gave her the life of a princess and Fed her with a special diet  including constant drugs like coca and alcohol.

She was sacrificed together with a boy and a girl left to die in the top of a volcano in the border of modern Chile and Argentina.

Final– hw to experience nowadays

The invasion that  drastically changed everything.

Do you know How many churches are there in Cusco Only?

As you may know the spanish conquerors beside illness and death, they brought their religion and used it as the main way to indoctrinate the inca people in that moment without a leader. Now a day the main religion in Cusco in particular is Catholicism. There are so many churches everywhere that tried to hide all the symbols of the ancient religión.

A guide from our team once told us how the inca fool the spanishs worshiping the catholic saints but still  doing it to their gods. But that is another history we will tell you when you be come and visit us.