The Importance of Family Vacation

The Importance of Family Vacations in 2020

As I get older and the years of my youth fade, I start to lose memories of my childhood but as the clearest memories remain I never seem to forget the memories of traveling with my family and the importance of family vacations.

Family travel is both crucial to the lives of youth and the bond between a family. Here are 3 important reasons why

The Importance of Family Vacations
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Family Travel Strengthens Families

In the year 2020, life is busier and seems to be moving faster than ever. This can come in between the much-needed family time and with jobs, activities, and friends we can easily replace this time. From the lifelong memories, strengthening your family’s unbreakable bond, to a more enjoyable experience with the ones you love. What better way to gain back some quality time with those you love than journeying on an adventure.

The Importance of Family Vacations
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Life Lessons for your children

Kids learn a great lesson when they are allowed to journey, adventure and explore someplace new. From self-confidence, patience, problem-solving to learning similarities instead of differences, children get a chance to learn hands-on. There’s even scientific evidence that proves children that travel more are better students, healthier and even more successful.

The Importance of Family Vacations
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Quality over Quantity

My parents gave me the greatest gift on my 5th birthday, a trip to Disney World. Even though I was too young to remember much, my family had so much fun that we went almost every year after that. My parents celebrated it as a birthday present for me and an excuse for us to go on a vacation.

“So when you take your child on a [vacation], you are supporting their explorative urge (SEEKING system) a vital resource for living life well, and their capacity to play (PLAY system),” she added. “In adulthood, this translates into the ability to play with ideas — essential, for example, to the successful entrepreneur.”

The idea of parents buying their kids toys and material things for birthdays and Christmas is slowing being proven by scientists to be non-beneficial for the lives of children. Scientists and psychologists are recommending parents to gift vacations and travel as the benefits are more useful and longer lasting than gifts.

Take the opportunity and start a new tradition with your family this year and instill the importance of family vacations.

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