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Why to Enjoy a Train Ride To Machu Picchu

There is something Almost Romantic about taking a train ―  it goes beyond “I don’t have time to make the Inca Trail or don’t like to hike. Board a train is like enter a time machine; And the trains that wander the Andeans Valleys and the rain forest of the south of Peru are not an exception.

It’s all about the Ride and of course the destination: Machu Picchu.

Two are the companies who got the permission to make that ride day by day: Inca Trail and Peru Rail. Both, have differents kind of services, from a backpacker style service to a more luxurious style kind of service. If you keep reading we’ll give you some useful information that make your choice easier.

Ollantaytambo Station
Ollantaytambo Station

The morning sun rays are the ones that light up the scenery when we depart from any of the stations: Poroy (next to Cusco), Urubamba and Ollantaytambo (The most frequently used).

Once on your way, you will enjoy a road full of details hard to forget: the dry Peruvian pampas, a classic from the Andes, make you enter into a reflexive state of awe, preparation for the next landscape: The Jungle!

And the excitement comes in because you know you are getting closer and closer to one of the 7 wonders of the Modern World.

How to get from Cusco to Machu Picchu by Train

Inca Rail Trains
Inca Rail Trains

Ok, once you bought your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu you must buy your train tickets really fast because there are fewer train places than entrance tickets. Actually you must coordinate times. Depending on your enter time to the citadel obviously you must buy your train tickets.

If you want to do it by yourself enter this site or But, please remember if you don’t have enough time, we can do it for you.


Before the arriving of the day, 3 things are important to know beforehand:

  1. Try to get your tickets at least 4 weeks in advance. Remember what we tell you before in this text. And please be sure as much as you can of the date; changing the date or cancelling not only implies a penalty but you must do the change directly in the office of the company  in Cusco and you got only 24 hours before the date shown in the ticket to do it, if not, your lost your money.
  1. In the moment you are boarding the train you MUST present your boarding pass and your identity document. There is NO WAY the staff from the train company would let you in without them. Believe us, it happens.
  1. Today when we are writing this (february 2019) there is a Strike in the valley. Tourist are having some troubles to use transportation from and to Machu Picchu. So in these cases, including also natural disasters, failures, others climatic conditions, you must be prepared to reschedule, delays and the worst scenario; cancellation.

So please don’t forget all that.

And many have asked us about what company is better Incarail or Perurail?

Both companies offer great services that for sure will fit your needs. We think is not about who is better but about how much value we want to receive.

So next we show you the different options you have and then you can take a better decision:

Peru Rail Trains
Peru Rail Trains

Peru Rail

Perurail Has  4 services. Each one with different users in mind.  

  • Expedition: is an excellent budget option. Nice seats and big windows. Some Drinks to choose from.
  • Vistadome: Wagons are wider and the windows are panoramic, meaning it’s easier to enjoy the landscape and take pictures. Besides drinks, you have some Peruvian food options.
  • Sacred Valley: Here the luxury begins. Great Pisco testing and 3-course menu both to delight yourself in the dining car. This service also has an observatory car.
  • Hiram Bingham: about this train, we will write soon widely. It is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. Dining car, Tasting menu, car bar and exclusive transportation to Machu Picchu.
Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo)
Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo)

Inca Rail

This company also offers 4 different services.

  • The Voyager: it’s the budget option from Inca Rail. Still, you can enjoy recliner seats,  Panoramic Windows, and also drinks are not bad at all.
  • The 360: this one a bit more comfortable than the first one, also have panoramic windows, food and you can buy handcrafted Peruvian products on board.
  • The first Class: It only offers services during the high season and any special event. Welcome cocktail, everything perfectly arranged with flowers and colors. Music and the best of food.
  • The private: For only 8 people, this train is the presidential one. Detailed decoration everywhere, open bar and the finest gourmet food. Only by request is used.

If you want to book please go to the sites of the train companies or any further information please ask us.

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