Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Ideas to design memorable Peru Tours

When you wish to visit Peru, Generally is because you want to visit Machu Picchu. But Peru is full of fantastic places and experiences that will enrich your visit and your memories

In these days of algorithms and AI we can find some good apps that help us design itineraries to travel anywhere in the world. However, these tools aren’t still accurate understanding of what we really wish. If you are a very organized person who wants to get more out of your trip, this is for you.

That’s why we want to offer you this guide with information about how to design your perfect travel before you get that holiday offers plane tickets or that beautiful Airbnb place facing the beach; you must take your computer, paper, and pen and start planning.

In a travel itinerary, you must include the place you want to visit, accommodations, attractions, restaurants and later get some information about rates, offers, reviews, etc.

Guide in Machu Picchu

Step 1: Get Information:

Make a draft list of the places you want to visit:

Machu Picchu, undoubtedly if it is your first time in Peru, but we have many other places you could enjoy: Colca, Nazca Titicaca, and many others. We can tailor any destination or experiences you want to live, just ask us.

Decide your budget

you can do this before looking for planes, hotels or restaurants; in that way when you find non-affordable prices, you just move on to other option. Instead, doing this at the end let you choose what you really want to visit at the end if you can afford it or not; so you start to play with the possibilities.

Who are you coming with?

It looks obvious but sometimes people start looking for a hotel without a clear number of persons they’ll travel with.

Make a draft list of the experiences you would like to have in every place.

for instance, if you are coming to visit Machu Picchu besides the citadel you maybe want to visit Calca, Ollantaytambo, make son ATV in the hills of Cusco or visit Puno and so on.

Check if you have any friend who has been there before.

Nothing like a friend you trust and was here before to tell you the truth about the place you want to visit. Especially ask her/him about what would be a problem for you: how to get a taxi? is it good the internet service? The food is too spicy? How is the airport?.

Check Social Media (before TripAdvisor)

Check the opinions of people in social media. Try to observe the comments of people who share common things with you: mother with kids, college student, honeymoon...etc. The best network for this is Instagram.

Make the Final List: Places & Experiences I want to have in Peru.

Once you decided, the places and attraction and share with all the people who are coming with you, It’s time to write down to go through the next step.