Peru real facts

Peru Real Facts

What is Peru?

Peru is one of the Megadiverse countries in the World. Do you know what it means? That means, roughly, We have a Pacific Coast, Amazon Basin, and the Andes.

Coast, Jungle and Mountains

Because of these different climates, our biodiversity is one of the highest of the World; having about 21.000 species of vegetations and animals. And hundreds of cultures were born from those different ecosystems. In fact, in Peru was born the oldest civilization in the Americas: Norte Chico.

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Peru Today

Lima, capital of PeruLima - Capital of Peru

Nowadays Peru is at its best economic moment. And this is the most critical indicator foreign investors have to bet on the national market. Our economic vision is based on our natural resources presented innovatively with focus on every detail.


Salkantay trekSalkantay Trek

Of course, you all know about the remarkable places and wonders we have here in Peru. But maybe you don’t see the power all these places have. Once you start discovering Peru; you start discovering yourself. And this is possible because of the deep culture you’ll find from the day one you enter our country.

Heritage & Awards.

The enormous numbers of recognition we have relate to tourism make us the most awarded country in South America. But we are also one of the country more listed in the UNESCO World Heritage with 12 places. A cultural legacy keeps it proudly for thousands of years for our people.


gastronomy of Peru

All those diverse ecological levels we talked about before, offer different kinds of crops. From these ingredients, based on those unique flavors, regional kitchens have forged their traditional gastronomic identity in the past centuries. The regions of Peru: coasts, mountains, and jungle; inspire the creativity of Peruvian chefs. In fact, Peru was designated as the Best Culinary Destination in the World several times in a row at the World Travel Awards (WTA). The Mix of so many cultures has created this fantastic mestizo cuisine that now is national pride. Around the World, you can taste our flavors check out this link with all the restaurants outside Peru.

Our Talented People

In addition to exporting quality products, Peru also shares with the World the natural talent and creativity of their people.


Textiles of PeruTextiles of Pisac Fair

For decades, designers from around the World have been influenced by the traditional textiles of Peru. This traditions and techniques of our country, offer a space of imagination and inspiration for everybody.

The visitors to Peru will be able to appreciate the processes and practices of Peruvian, historical and contemporary clothing, through garments, textiles, photographs, tools, illustrations, and paintings, from pre-Hispanic times to the present day; all around the country.