2 Day Colca Canyon Tour

The city of Arequipa is close to Cusco and for those who finished seeing Machu Picchu and Valleys, travel to Arequipa and make 2 days colca canyon tour, it will be a great experience. Similarly, if you are on your way to Cusco to do all kinds of activities, come to 2 days colca canyon tour, it will fill you with incredible surprises and add an extraordinary change of scenery to your trip.  2 days colca canyon tour, you will find is the world's second deepest canyon, approximately 3,400m at its deepest point.  You will have the time to admire the scenic beauty, with giant Andean terraces and high Andean plateaus, reaching at one point a high pass of 4,800 meters, which offers fine views of the Volcanoes of Arequipa.

During the Colca Canyon tour, visitors will spot herds of Vicuñas a wild relative of Llamas and Alpacas. There is also various types of birds, of which stand out the giant hummingbird, eagles, gooses and the mighty Andean Condor.

Like most of Andean regions are offering their natural hot springs, we will enjoy them at Chivay village which are surrounded by an amazing scenery of mountains.

2 day Colca Canyon tour also offers wonderful treks down to its button, descending throughout huge mountains, exploring oasis-like valleys.  This 2 day Colca Canyon tour is an excellent choice to embark in the Andean wildlife before leaving Peru.

2 Day Colca Canyon Tour
USD 192
Price per person
2 days


Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1

    Arequipa – Pampa Canahuas National Reserve – Coporaque

  • DAY 2

    Cruz Del Condor View Point – Chivay

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1 :

    Arequipa – Pampa Canahuas National Reserve – Coporaque

    Departing from Arequipa main town,  we will travel in a private transport at 07:00 am either picking you up from your hotel or meeting point to Chivay village.  

    Our bus ride during 2 days colca canyon tour, will take us to the volcano valley being the first the ‘Misti’ which it seems is guarding the main city and Chachani and Pichu Pichu.  Passing the volcanos we will enter at the National Reserve of  'Pampa Cañahuas”, and see wild Vicuñas (one of the 4 types of American camels) in its natural habitat. So far we will at 3,400 meters above sea level.

    Few hours later on, our 2 days colca canyon tour, will take us to “Pata Wasi” (Pata=high Wasi=home), an Andean community at the opposite border of the National Reserve.  The variety of rocks formations of a prehistoric era and views of the backside of the Misti and Chachani volcanoes are unique.

    Our 2 days colca canyon tour, will take us to pass “Tocra”, a high plain at more than 4,500 meters, where we will observe lakes with migrant birds and get pictures of the “Antiplano” with its wild Llamas and Guanacos.

    In time we will get to a highest point of our 2 days colca canyon tour at “Pata Pampa” (Pata=high, Pampa=land) located at 4,820 meters.  At this point we will see, the volcanoes Ampato, Sabancaya, Hualca-Hualca, Mismi, (one the source of the Amazon River) and the “Cordillera de Chila”.  After passing the volcanos, eventually, we will be getting close to the town of Chivay (3,651 meters) and also glimpse the spectacular multicolor view of the terraces of the Colca valley.

    We will keep travelling until the charming Coporaque town and visit the Lodge La Casa de Mamayacchi. At this location, we will have our lunch (cost of lunch is not included in program) and have a small break.

    During your break, our guide will invite you to a short walk through Coporaque and its surroundings (this walk takes around 1 hour and is optional). Those who instead taking this walk want to stay around the village, can do so and wait any of the local restaurants, bars, plaza.

    At our return of our optional tour, we will get back to our transportation and head to a natural “hot springs” which is surrounded by the Mountain Valley.  It has a service bar in place where you can enjoy a relaxing bath and drink too. (entrance fee and personal towels to the baths are not included).

    It has been a long day full of superb views out of 2 days colca canyon tour, seeing wild animal on its ground and amazing landscapes. Our driver will take you to your hotel or lodge for you to have a rest and be ready for your next adventure the following day.

    DAY 2 :

    Cruz Del Condor View Point – Chivay

    During this 2 days colca canyon tour, we’ll be getting to the one side of Colca Canyon where can see the Condors.  The Condor is one of the biggest birds of the Andes and the Colca Canyon has become for many years their natural habitat.   To view their fantastic wings displayed on the sky, we need to get early to one selected spot called famously “Cruz del Condor” or Condor Cross point.  From this point you will have also an enjoyable views of the deep of the Colca Canyon.

    Once we got enoughs views of the Condor flying around us, our guide will group us and take us for a short walk around the Canyon (1 hour approx.).  Do not venture on a solo excursion around the Colca Canyon,because is not recommended and it will against the safety of the group. Just be patience and your guide will show around.   

    Finished our visit to the Colca Canyon, we will get back in direction to Chivay and during our way to visit the traditional village of Pinchollo.  This village is also named as the “Antahuilque viewpoint”, where wonderful 1,500 year old terraces, were constructed by the Collaguas, a culture well before the Incas’ time.

    2 days colca canyon tour, also will stop at the look-out point of “Choquetico” with its hanging tombs “Tumbas colgantes“, and take a look to the Litomaqueta, a model of the canyon terraces carved in a rock.  We will carry on visiting Maca, an Andean community that experienced an earthquake in November of 1991 and the village of Yanque with the most beautiful church in the valley.

    Once we have finished this part of 2 days colca canyon tour, we will have a Lunch in Chivay town (Cost of Lunch is not included in program) and after a good break, return to Arequipa city.

    We want to thank you in advance, for joining 2 days colca canyon tour, and now you have become part of our extended Inca family.  Our reward will be to pass now your experiences of this tour to your friends and family.  

    Before you go, there is an option, and price varies according to your selection:

    At your return from the Colca Canyon, you can get transfer from Chivay to Puno city and discover with us the fantastic Lake Titicaca or look into any of other available options that we have in our website.


    Price Includes

    • Pick up/dropp off to your hotel at Arequipa
    • 01 Hotel accommodation
    • 01 Breakfast
    • Tourist transportation
    • English guide
    • Entrance fee / Tourist ticket to the Colca valley

    Price Not Includes

    • Domestic flights (Local Airfares CUZ-AQP-CUZ or LIM-AQP-LIM )
    • Excursions not mentioned in this program
    • Tips
    • Meals (lunch and dinner)
    • Entrances to the Hot Springs
    • Towels
    • Snacks
    • Beverages and /or other extras.
    • single supplement fee

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