Cusco City Tour

Cusco is a city that has welcome people from all over the world for its millenaire past,  a city that was built in the shape of a Puma.  To discover the city tour Cusco,  we will facilitate our best local guides who proudly will explain you the beginning  of this beautiful city.  

The Incas dominated this territory as well as the Spaniards and you will notice this dominance mix on most buildings.  Spaniards used most Inca constructions as foundations for further constructions.   The city of Cusco is full of heritage on traditions, artisans, dance, music, and the city tour Cusco  is awaiting to get discovered by you.

For your amusement the city tour Cusco, will explore with you the archeological park of Sacsayhuaman and get stunned for such grandiosity of its construction. city tour Cusco is one of best startings to get to know such extraordinary town. 

Cusco City Tour
USD 35
Price per person
1 day


Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1

    Cusco City Tour

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1 :

    Cusco City Tour

    We will collect you from your hotel within the Cusco city in the afternoon time

    Our Cusco city tour guide will show us the way to get visiting the Koricancha: an exquisite architectural feats of the ancient in which the Incas wanted to represent the Sun in all its splendor. It will take us some time to visit this all temple.

    After visiting the Koricancha,  the Main Cathedral will be our next stop in the major square.  It first stone for its construction began in 1,560.

    The main Cathedral alberg 300 paintings from the Cusqueña School that has nothing to envy from European arts school from those days.  This tour is for excellence the one which gets much into detail the stories of every painting.  

    Up on cusco city hills,  the inca Sacsayhuaman fortress stands for its solemne mysterious and strong construction.  You will find on Sacsayhuaman stones up to 120 tons being place in site.  it's very recommended to use a good camera get your best pictures.

    Our Cusco city tour will get us to Q'enqo (Labyrinth). A religious center dedicated to the adoration of the Earth.   The Inca site of Puca Pucara (reddish place): that was used as a military control center.  Finally, we will see the Temple of Tambomachay (Temple of the Water): a center of adoration and worship of water.

    The Cusco city tour is indeed a cultural tour full of impressive sites for your enjoyment. 


    Price Includes

    • Bus for 15 people to 25 people
    • Professional tour guide

    Price Not Includes

    • Entrance to Koricancha (10 soles per person)
    • Entrance to the main cathedral (25 soles per person or included as part of the Cusco Tourist ticket as detailed below)
    • Entrance fees to four archaeological sites. For this you, will need to buy a Cusco Tourist Ticket. This costs 130 soles or $45 USD and a 50% discount is available for students with an ISIC card. Note: The same ticket can also be used for the Sacred Valley Tour. Alternatively, you can purchase a partial ticket that allows a one-day visit of just the four archeological sites, if you are not planning to visit the Sacred Valley.
    • Tips
    • Meals and snacks

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