Cusco Horse Riding - "TRADITIONAL TOUR"

This is an amazing time to get in touch with the nature in all its elements and for those horse lovers or adventures ones, this is the time to put in practice your horse riding skills at some degree of course.

The horse riding Cusco, takes you to the most famous archeological sites around Cusco and it start at the Inca site of Tambomachay, a 15 minute drive out of town. The main Inca sites Puca Pucara, Quenko, Sacsayhuaman will be visited during our horse riding. Our way back to Cusco city will a delightful moment as we will getting views of Cusco from the countryside.

Cusco Horse Riding - "TRADITIONAL TOUR"
USD 65
Price per person
1 day


Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1

    Half day: City Horse Riding - "TRADITIONAL TOUR":

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1 : Half day: City Horse Riding - "TRADITIONAL TOUR":

    Before the Spanish conquest, there were no horses in South America.

    In the Inca Empire people were traveling by foot helped by the lamas as their main carrier of loads.

    Once horses come arrived as a way of transportation thing began to change too in terms of mobility.

    To join us in this horse riding Cusco half day tour will be picking you up from local hotel and travel to the ranch near Qenko.

    Once at the ranch we will providing you with a briefing on safety measures as well as confirming details of our journey.

    The local horseman love very much their horses and are also seeking in you, to take care very much of the horse during your tour. To ensure you will have the necessary support our horseman will come with us during the whole trek.

    We will be leaving gently by forming a queue lead by our horseman, just relax and start knowing your horse too.

    We will get to Quenko ruins first and admire the wonderful landscapes views from the ruins. To get into the ruins you must to have your Cusco ticket tourist and the horseman can wait and look after your horse meanwhile you are visiting the ruins.

    After visiting Qenko, our next visit will be at the Puca Pucara site, to it will need to across the fields terrain, just keep your belt close to you.

    Puca Pucara means "The Red Gate" and is named due to the site's prior function as the controlled entrance into Cusco during the Inca period.

    Next on our tour and landscapes views will take us to Tambomachay, which was something of an Incan "bath house” and was also a place of worship to water. From Tambomachay, we pass through a eucalyptus forest such of amazing feeling in doing so. On the way to our final destination of Sacsayhuaman, which is where the Incas worshiped light, will take much of our time to explore such of incredible structure. Sacsayhuaman is one the most spectacular legacy the Incas can leaves and the most difficult to comprehend on its construction.

    Finished our exploration in Sacsayhuaman, it will be here the end of our horse riding Cusco half day.


    Price Includes

      • Round trip transportation to the ranch from your hotel
      • Horse with basic equipment
      • Horsemen (non-English speaking) to lead you at walking pace
      • Professional guide

    Price Not Includes

      • Full Touristic ticket for 16 places and valid for 10 days (PEN 145 aprox.) OR Partial touristic ticket for 04 places and valid for 2 days (PEN 70.00)
      • Meals and snacks
      • Tips

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