5 Day Refugio Amazonas – Classic Program

There are few national reserves in the peruvian Amazonas territory and Tambopata reserve is one of them, Traveling by boat from Puerto Maldonado to Tambopata reserve is easy access due its proximity to the main river.

This time the classic program has considered an extra day to give more time in delighting the tropical forest its exotic beauty of the landscape as well as its wildlife and flora.  

The Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, will be your perfect choice in having that extra length of time by participating in activities related on conservation projects too.

Indeed, this trip to the peruvian jungle on Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, raise  awareness of the importance of this territory and its role in helping to preserve the planet.   

During your trip, you will be kindly invited to participate to the lectures in the hotel given by professional staff who are keeping an eye on the environment we are visiting. This is chance for you to make a difference for the coming generations.

5 Day Refugio Amazonas – Classic Program
USD 800
Price per person
5 days


Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1

    Arrival & Reception - Refugio Amazonas

  • DAY 2

    Oxbow Lake Visit

  • DAY 3

    Parrot Clay Lick

  • DAY 4

    Overlook Walk

  • DAY 5

    Transfer Out

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1 :

    Arrival & Reception - Refugio Amazonas

    At your arrival to Puerto Maldonado airport one of our representatives will welcome you and drive you to our headquarters.  We will organise your travel boat trip to our lodge in the jungle but before that you need to take the necessary stuff with you and travel light.  You can leave any luggage in our safe deposit and collect this in at your return. This helps us keep the boats and cargo light.


    Once we are ready, we will leave our office and skirting Puerto Maldonado, and drive 20 kilometers to the Tambopata River Port.  We will be entering the Native Community of Infierno and before sailing we will get here some snack.


    Our Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, will begin when we are exploring a fraction of this amazing territory, which are the lungs of the planet.  We will be travelling for around two and half hours on a boat ride from the Tambopata Port to Refugio Amazonas which is one the community´s forest private reserve and nearby the National Tambopata Reserve too.

    Upon arrival to Refugio Amazonas, the lodge manager, will welcome you and take care of you with important information on safety measures during your staying in the jungle of this Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour.

    Most of the staff working at the Refugio Amazonas lodge have a diverse professions such as biologists, tourism professionals in conservation, or local community members experts on keeping the forest clean. We assign one guide, (all of them are speaking English, unless otherwise requested other language) for a group of  ten people and unless is smaller than ten people will be merged with other groups to reach the total. If you would like a private guide with specific requirements please let us know.

    After dinner time, we will be out at the river's edge at night, scanning the shores with headlamps and flashlights to catch the red gleams of reflection from caiman eyes.  Our purposes is not disturbed the animal instead observe them quietly and get the most of this wildlife experience of been in nature.

    Overnight: Puerto Maldonado at Refugio Amazonas Lodge.

    DAY 2 :

    Oxbow Lake Visit

    After Breakfast, our  Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, will be at the ‘Oxbow Lake’ to watch some wildlife animals.  The lake, is thirty minutes by boat and forty five minutes hiking from Posada Amazonas.

    Once we get to the Oxbow Lake, safety measures will be given and there you go, you will get onto a paddle boat.  You will be paddling around the lake in a catamaran, searching for the resident family of nine giant river otters (seen by 60% of our lake visitors) and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin and horned screamers.  Otters are most active from dawn to 8 or 9 AM.

    Another activities on your  Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, are visiting the Canopy tower close to the lodge, or visit a nearby local farm.   The canopy tower, a banister staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. From the top, you get a spectacular views of the vast standing forest cut by the Tambopata River winding through the middle and the views of diverse birds species passing by the trees.

    The local farm is owned and managed by charismatic local from the neighbouring community of Condenado. He grows a variety of plants, trees and unknown Amazon crops thats serves a unique curative purpose.

    On our Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour,  we can also experience the Ethnobotanical tour, a twenty minute boat drive downriver leads you to a trail designed by the staff of the Centro Ñape. The Centro Ñape is a communal organization that produces medicines out of forest plants and administers them to patients who choose their little clinic.  We will learn about some medicinal plants such as: Ajo-Sacha, Yuca de Venado, Uña de Gato (cancer curative), Charcot-Sacha, Para-Para, among several others. The staff will be kind in explaining us the different medicinal uses of selected plants.

    The nightly lectures prepared by the staff of Refugio Amazonas cover conservation threats, opportunities and projects in the Tambopata National Reserve. The information on conservation projects will be shared with you.  

    Overnight: Puerto Maldonado at Refugio Amazonas Lodge.

    DAY 3 :

    Parrot Clay Lick

    Today we will carry on with a numerous of activities of our Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour.

    We leave Refugio Amazonas lodge for a boat ride, to a blind located spot.  At about twenty meters away, you will see dozens of parrots and parakeets descend on most clear mornings to ingest the clay on a river bank.  A huge variety of species such as Mealy and Yellow- headed Amazon, Blue-headed Parrot and Dusky headed Parakeet descend at this clay lick. The clay lick is active at dawn during the late mornings and mid-afternoons.

    During  Refugio Amazonas tour there will be a hiking activity to get more views of the rainforest. The lodge excellent location, allow us to do a hiking nearby and get to see a beautiful old growth patch of Brazil Nut forest.  The Brazil nut, has been harvested for decades (if not centuries), where the precarious remains of a camp used two months out of the year by Brazil Nut gatherers can still be experienced. We will be demonstrating the whole process of the rainforests only sustainably harvested product from collection, transportation to drying.

    Our next activity for this the  Refugio Amazonas tour, will be the Mammal Clay Lick.  Close by the Refugio Amazonas, is a peccary clay lick. These wild rain forest pigs show up in herds of five to twenty individuals to eat clay during the late morning. Chances of spotting them are around 15% but well worth the short hike. Other wildlife also show up including deer, guan and parakeets.

    Finally, our  Refugio Amazonas tour,  will give us the option of hiking out at night, when most of the mammals are active but difficult to see. Easier to find are frogs with shapes and sounds rare to be heard.

    Overnight: Puerto Maldonado at Refugio Amazonas Lodge.

    DAY 4 :

    Overlook Walk

    On our last day on Refugio Amazonas tour, we will be hiking for around few kilometers through the forest that lead us to the edge of stunning overlooks of the Tambopata River as it winds its way into lowlands.   Once there, we will continue a 2 km trail along the Tambopata river for a great overview and notice the difference between two types of land forest as our trail crosses both habitats.

    As soon as we finished our daily breakfast, we will walk for around 2 km along the Tambopata River. We will be able to clearly identify two sort of Forest as our trail crosses both habitats. Seeing the Tambopata on its hipnotic unhurried journey across the lowland rainforest seems a  drawing curved line paint on a vast green colour in contrast with a paradisiac blue sky.

    At our return to the lodge we will have our lunch and relax for while. You can enjoy the lodge surroundings, try out a new trail, or repeat your favorite activity.

    Later on, we will have our dinner and share also all our impression of today or previous days of our Refugio Amazonas tour.

    DAY 5 :

    Transfer Out

    It was fantastic time to share our Refugio Amazonas lodge 5 Days tour, with you and pass now this experiences to your friends and family.  Also we are looking forward to respond to your comments about our services on the social media.

    Finished your breakfast, you will get transfer by boat from our Refugio Amazonas to Tambopata River Port and after to Puerto Maldonado Headquarters.  to collect any of your belongings.

    Once you get to Puerto Maldonado Headquarters a staff member will escort you to the local airport for you to take your flight back (according to your airline schedule).

    End of services.


    Price Includes

    • Programs based on double occupancy.
    • Includes all meal, accommodations, and services, all river transportation, and transfer from and to the airport of Puerto Maldonado.

    Price Not Includes

    • Single supplement fee
    • International or domestic airfares
    • Airport departure taxes or visa fees, excess baggage charges.
    • Additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations
    • Alcoholic beverages or bottled water, snacks.
    • Insurance of any kind
    • Laundry, phone calls or messages
    • Reconfirmation of flights and items of personal nature.

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