South Valley tour

The South Valley tour Cusco, is promoting the southern regions of Cusco up to Puno. This tour will explore the archeological site of Raqchi near Vilcanota river.  Like most of the Inca ruins there is a meaning behind being for the Raqchi a tribute to Wiracocha. Another temple we will be visiting is in Tipon near Puno.  In Tipon, there is an Inca irrigation system used for agricultural purposes.  During the South Valley tour Cusco, you will be visiting the Pre-Inca site of Piquillacta built by the Wari culture and the colonial Sistine Chapel of the Americas, in Andahuaylillas.

Something of a culinary interest during South valley tour, Cusco,  is that as we are passing several villages all of them have a good reputation on their organic gastronomy festivals.

Likewise Chefs from Lima are promoting peruvian cuisine in restaurants abroad,  the Andean chefs are promoting local dishes (based vegetables, legumes and grains) to foreign people who are coming over to visit this towns.  The South Valley tour, Cusco will keep you very well entrained from visiting different landscapes, Inca sites and a taste of new dishes too.

South Valley tour
USD 50
Price per person
1 day


Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1

    South Valley

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1 :

    South Valley

    We will be passing in a private transport to collect you from your hotel and leaving Cusco city around 07:00 am to start your South Valley tour, Cusco, with downsouth direction.   Our first stop will be at Tipon then Pikillaqta and Andahuayllas.

    Tipon is located to the east of Cusco downsouth and have an agriculture Inca terraces which once were selected for the Inca upper class. This large area contains 12 impressive terraces and irrigation system that continues watering crops to this day.  We will spend some time in Tipon and after continuing our South Valley tour Cusco, to Pikillaqta.

    Pikillaqta, was a pre-Inca urban center that was important for the development of the Wari Empire. In this ancient town, you can see colcas (food deposits), athletics fields, houses, temples, narrow streets and buildings up to four stories high.  We will exploring around this archeological vestiges. Then, we will head to Andahuaylillas to complete our South Valley tour Cusco.

    Andahuaylillas is a typical Andean village and has its own architecture, our South Valley tour Cusco is promoting this side of the region because the good organic food to eat.  Andahuaylillas has a beautiful colonial catholic church with distinctives decorations and wall paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. We will walk around this village, try some food if that's the case and later return to Cusco by early afternoon.


    Attractions we will visit

    • Raqchi
    • Tipon
    • Pikillaqta
    • Andahuayllas. 


    Some benefits by choosing us

    We are an award-winning company, recognized throughout the local tourism industry for our service and dedication to our clients. The services offered by Valencia Travel Cusco meet or exceed accepted international quality standards.


    Price Includes

    • Bus for 15 to 25 people (depending on group size)
    • Professional tour guide

    Price Not Includes

    • Lunch in Urubamba (45-60 soles)
    • Entrance to the Sacred Valley sites: You can purchase one of the following: (i) Cusco Tourist Ticket (130 soles or around $45 USD and 50% discount for students with an ISIC card). Note: this ticket can also be used on our city tours OR (ii) a partial ticket which allows a one day visit of just the two sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. This ticket is recommended if you are not planning to visit any of Cusco's other sites
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